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Las Vegas - Fly Bonanza Air Lines

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About Bonanza Air Lines

The company was created in 1945 and based in Las Vegas and was known at the time as Bonanza Air Services in Las Vegas. The company was part of a Civil Aeronautics Authority effort to develop regional airlines called “local service airlines.”

During the later part of the 1940s and especially through the 1950s, the carrier added several Douglas DC-3 aircraft and expanded routes westward to California.

In 1959, Bonanza introduced the Fokker F-27 (nicknamed Silver Dart) and applied for additional routes to Texas (although these routes were never operated). Bonanza was probably the first United States scheduled fixed-wing airline to go all-turbine, the DC-3 having been dropped from scheduled service in late 1960.

In an attempt to leap into the jet-age, the carrier ordered three British BAC 1-11 twinjets in October 1962, but this request was denied by the United States government. In light of the denial, an order was placed for the American twinjet equivalent DC-9 series 10 aircraft with services commencing on March 1, 1966.

With approval received from the Civil Aeronautics Board, Bonanza Air Lines merged with Pacific Air Lines and West Coast Airlines to form Air West on July 1 1968.

Source: Wikipedia


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