Frequently Asked Questions

Why Reproductions?

See our Why Reproductions Metal Signs page for a detailed explanation.

Why Porcelain?

The designs of our regular metal signs are printed onto tin metal, UV coated and the edges are then rolled to remove sharp edges. The result is a beautiful sign that most people will think is a metal sign from yesteryear.

Porcelain signs on the other hand, begin with a very thin sheet of metal which is cut to size, after which coloured dyes are applied to the surface to create the design. It’s then placed in a ceramic kiln at high temperature, which bakes the design into the metal. This process is repeated individually for each colour, which gives the finished sign the authentic layered finish.

The kiln firing ensures that even if you scratch a porcelain sign, the colour in not just on the surface but in the metal, which has the added benefit of rust-proofing the sign.

It’s then coated with a clear glaze to finish the porcelain sign. This labourious process, along with the subsequent added weight, is why our porcelain signs aren’t as affordable as our regular metal signs.

Because it’s essentially the original process used to produce porcelain signs from almost 100 years ago, they will stand the test of time and if properly cared for, will look just as good in another 100 years.

Put simply, our metal signs are a great way to add decoration to your house at an affordable price. Our porcelain signs, while still an affordable decoration, are an art investment that you can enjoy for life and pass down to future generations.

Our Ugly Nails

All of our signs are pre-drilled, so you won’t have to mess around with power tools and potentially damage your sign. But how should you hang them?

Using screws or shiny nails to fasten our signs to a wall doesn’t quite look right. Using actual rusty nails is not a great idea either – you’d have to find a matching set, and then deal with the rust discolouring your wall.

We’ve found a solution that we think you’ll like, Our Ugly Nails. There’s two varieties; one for our metal signs, and larger ones for our porcelain enamel signs.

The regulars have the appearance of an old hand-made nail with an irregular shaped flat head. No two nails are alike. They’re a dull grey colour which blends in perfectly with our signs, and each nail is coated so they won’t rust and mark your walls.

The nails for our porcelain enamel signs have a wider head (to cover the larger hole) and come in a dulled, worn brown-black finish, or a scuffed off-white finish to match each sign.

Best of all, we include a set of Our Ugly Nails with each and every sign, free of charge, because we can buy them in bulk and pass along the savings. Here’s what to expect:

regular metal nail
Dull Black
Metal Signs
Brown-Black nail for Porcelain
Porcelain Signs
Off-White for Porcelain
Porcelain Signs

If you’re hanging your sign on a regular interior plaster/drywall wall, you should be able to push these nails in half way with your thumb, and then just gently tap them with something heavy to sink them completely. Place something soft in between so you don’t mark the sign or nailhead. If you’re hanging your sign on timber or something harder, you’ll need a hammer.

Are these legal?

All of our signs that display brand names are fully licensed and produced with permission by the trademark holders. Signs such as Ford and General Motors include hologrammed serial numbers, which can be used to verify their authenticity.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide, but you’ll need to contact us for a shipping quote first, as the weight of each sign varies.

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