Why Reproduction Metal Signs?

That’s easy. Here’s four reasons:


The collector’s market for original metal signs (especially porcelain) is wildly competitive, due to both the declining quantity and deterioration of these old signs, and the ever growing community of collectors vying for whatever they can get their hands on.

WWII is also to blame, as many metal signs were melted down for the war effort, making of the pre-war designs that we offer even harder to find.


Some designs weren’t originally produced as metal signs, but were only available as advertisements in magazines, packaging labels, or painted on the side of buildings.

Others simply don’t exist in their original form any more, or are so rare that they’re snapped up by collectors whenever one surfaces on the market.

Our reproduction metal sign ensure a wide variety of designs are available for everybody to enjoy.


Most metal signs were made to advertise and because of that they were often produced as large as possible. So large that your average home just isn’t big enough to display these period signs, leaving rooms looking smaller and closed in.

Our metal signs are sized for the home, with typical sign dimensions between 30cm and 45cm on their largest side, or as we think, just right.


Real metal signs from bygone eras are generally painted and coated with products of that era, like enamel paints, epoxies, and lead-based primers. In most cases, real signs are either starting to rust or are already suffering from peeling and flaking. Hanging these inside your house, especially in areas where food is prepared or enjoyed, isn’t a great idea.

Our signs are produced on modern equipment and with stable materials, so you can rest assured you won’t have rusty flakes in your kitchen.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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